I worked with combining zombie with beauty through makeup and photograph, as a high school work. I began with the work around halloween where I did around 5 makeups in three days. I was looking up references and inspiration on how zombies look. I searched on youtube for makeup, I watched three seasons of The Walking Dead and some zombie movies. I was very unhappy how much would depend on professional material if you wanted it to look really good and realistic. Because I had a small can of latex, a little bit of wax and a tube of blood I thought it would end up looking like crap so I started to find on my own way to apply makeup wounds. I took tools like paper and glue. I took the plastic wrap as a base and made the wound with wax on the foil, cut out and glued on my skin. After a while, grew my interest in only the wounds, so I decided to mix the beauty and wounds. create something that would make the viewer react. I was incredibly happy with it and I developed the idea. I took some photos and fixed the wounds in Photoshop. 


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